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People are often connected by one degree of separation—and don’t even know it. WeBothKnow takes the age-old practice of trying to figure out if people share common acquaintances, and makes it quick and easy.

The first application of its kind, WeBothKnow is a fast and fun utility that makes use of today’s technology to show just how small our world is. Whether you are with a friend at a bar, a colleague at a conference, flirting at a party, chatting at the office, on an airplane or in a dorm room, finding out who you know in common is a great way to break the ice, to start a conversation, or kick-start one that has stalled.

WeBothKnow makes for a new type of real-life, real-time social networking. Instead of sitting alone at the computer, WeBothKnow puts social networking into the hands of two people together in the same room.

Here’s how it works:

WeBothKnow scans your and your friend’s contact list and compares phone numbers and email addresses, and then displays the names of common acquaintances.


  • Compare your contact list with others and find out who you know in common.
  • WeBothKnow uses phone numbers and emails to uniquely identify your contacts.
  • Select contacts of your choice can be hidden from being compared or displayed.
  • The comparison is secure: Only common contacts are displayed.
  • All data is encrypted using one-way encryption.
  • Each user sees the names of mutual friends as they appear in their own contact list.
  • Launch an SMS, Call or Email to your mutual contacts from within WeBothKnow.
  • No need to create a profile.
  • WeBothKnow always displays one common friend. Unlock WeBothKnow for $1.99 to see all your common friends from then on.

WeBothKnow differs from Facebook in several ways:

WeBothKnow is designed to show you who you know in common with someone that is in the room with you.
You don’t need to create a profile or upload pictures to use WeBothKnow. Simply launch the application and see you know in common. If the other person doesn’t have WeBothknow installed, they can download it in seconds directly from their device via the iTunes store.
WeBothKnow is often more comprehensive than Facebook in finding mutual acquaintances. People we know may not have a Facebook profile, or are not our Facebook friends. Nearly everyone you know is in our iPhone’s contact list, especially if you use Mail.

Please note: Two devices need to be in the same room and have WeBothKnow installed and launched in order to work.

Skip the name game: Just launch WeBothKnow, have your friend or new acquaintance do the same, and see who you both know—in seconds.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires OS 3.0 or later

WeBothKnow was conceived and designed by Shachar Gilad, and Programmed by Kenneth Weiss.

All rights reserved 2009. Patent Pending.

WeBothKnow is an iPhone and iPod Touch app which allows you to see who you know in common with others. Skip the name game - just launch WeBothKnow, have your friend or new acquaintance do the same, and see who you both know within seconds.
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